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Serializing a PascalCase Newtonsoft.Json JObject to camelCase · Jun 16, 2019

In this post Andrew Lock describe one of the quirks of serializing JSON.NET JObject (contract resolvers are not honoured), and show how to get camelCase names when serializing a JObject that stored its property names in PascalCase.

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By Eric Ligman, Microsoft Director of Business & Sales Operations Blog

Angular Tutorial For Beginners - Part Seven - Using Pipes In Angular · Jun 13, 2019

In this aticle, you will learn how to use pipes in Angular.

How to Debug LINQ queries in C# · Jun 13, 2019


Hello, world! · Jun 13, 2019

First blogpost where we are going to talk about many things. How we work at Microsoft, what we do, where we are, our community, etc.

Visual Studio Code
How to create your own VS Code extension pack · Jun 13, 2019

Build and launch an extension pack for VS Code

How to Use the DevTools Network Filter Effectively · Jun 13, 2019

In this post we’ll go over the Network filter feature of Chrome DevTools to show you how to use it effectively in various use cases.

Creating ASP.NET Core 2.2 Application Step-by-Step · Jun 13, 2019

This article will walk you through the creation of ASP.NET Core application using ASP.NET Core 2.2 from scratch, by utilizing the capabilities of package manager, EF Core, Identity API, Razor Class Library, etc.

Getting Started with Docker in Visual Studio 2019 · Jun 13, 2019

Adding strongly typed configuration settings and injected them through dependency injection.

All you need to know about Ivy, The new Angular engine! · Jun 13, 2019

Smaller bundles, faster compilations, Better debugging, dynamic loading of module and components and advanced concepts like Higher order components. Angular Ivy — The complete guide for the 3rd generation of the Angular renderer.