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Visual Studio
Selective Projects Loading using Solution Filter in Visual Studio - Daily .NET Tips · Jan 20, 2020

Solution Filter in Visual Studio allows a faster load of the solution with selective projects. Solution Filter in Visual Studio allows us to select only the required projects and help in faster load and build.

Search Engine Optimization
Website Load Time Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC] · Jan 19, 2020

If a website visitor doesn’t have their needs met, they will abandon the site and move onto the next. For business owners, this is a space that must be prioritised, as losing customers to the competition should not be part of their marketing strategy. […]

Microsoft Azure
Nine Performance Tips for Azure App Services · Jan 15, 2020

Adding HATEOAS to an ASP.NET Core API · Jan 09, 2020

Implement simple JSON HATEOAS support to an ASP.NET Core web API

Reducing log verbosity with Serilog RequestLogging: Using Serilog.AspNetCore in ASP.NET Core 3.0 - Part 1 · Jan 06, 2020

In this post I describe how you can use Serilog.AspNetCore to reduce the number of logs generated by every request in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Handling Failed HTTP Responses With fetch() · Jan 02, 2020

OTP Login with .NET Core for Mobile-Friendly Web Apps · Jan 02, 2020

When we build web applications, implementing authentication plays a vital role in providing personalized and secure services to users. But as we all know, typical authentication mechanisms like…

Oracle Database
Tools To Monitor and Work with Oracle on Azure · Dec 29, 2019