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There are four different options to style React components. All depend on your personal preferences and the specific complexity of your application. In React, inline styles are not specified as a…

Responsive Youtube Embed | Tutorial | Avex Designs · Sep 28, 2019

Use this responsive YouTube embed to create responsive videos with CSS. Resizing YouTube videos for your responsive web site using CSS and HTML.

Microsoft Azure
Azure SQL DB Design Note: Choosing the Right Database Reservation Size · Sep 25, 2019

A good article on available options on Azure SQL DB.

.NET Videos | Free videos from the .NET team and community · Sep 25, 2019

Free videos for learning all aspects of the .NET developer platform, including web, mobile, desktop, C#, machine learning, containers/docker, and data access.

C# Exception Handling Best Practices - DZone Performance · Sep 18, 2019

Learn what an exception is, about the anatomy of C# exceptions, the basic try catch finally block, exception filters, and how to create C# exception types.

A clean way to add Swagger to ASP.NET Core application · Sep 09, 2019

In this post find out a clean way to add Swagger to ASP.NET Core application using extension methods to make startup.cs clean and manageable.

What’s New in Angular V8 — All Powerful Features and Improvements · Sep 02, 2019

Angular 8 is finally here (in May)!

Essential Gatsby plugins. Part 1, SEO and Images | Dev Diary · Aug 31, 2019

In this post, we'll see what plugins you can use in order to improve the SEO of your Gatsby app and handle images effectively.

Best bots to improve your software development process - Livable Software · Aug 31, 2019

Software bots can assist developers in all phases of the development process. Here, we present a selection of the most useful bots you can start using right away to develop and maintain your (open source) project

C# Constructor: Usage, Examples, Best Practices, and Pitfalls · Aug 26, 2019

Today we define the concept of a C# constructor, then show usage examples with general tips on best practices to follow and pitfalls to be aware of.