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JavaScript equivalents of some common C# LINQ methods
gist.github.com · Jan 20, 2020

.NET Videos | Free videos from the .NET team and community
dotnet.microsoft.com · Sep 25, 2019

Free videos for learning all aspects of the .NET developer platform, including web, mobile, desktop, C#, machine learning, containers/docker, and data access.

C# Exception Handling Best Practices - DZone Performance
dzone.com · Sep 18, 2019

Learn what an exception is, about the anatomy of C# exceptions, the basic try catch finally block, exception filters, and how to create C# exception types.

C# Constructor: Usage, Examples, Best Practices, and Pitfalls
blog.submain.com · Aug 26, 2019

Today we define the concept of a C# constructor, then show usage examples with general tips on best practices to follow and pitfalls to be aware of.

C# 8: Static Local Functions and Using Declarations
telerik.com · Jul 10, 2019

The next major version release of the C# language (C# 8) comes with exciting new features. Let's look at two new features in C# 8, static local functions and the using declaration.

How to Debug LINQ queries in C#
michaelscodingspot.com · Jun 13, 2019

By michaelscodingspot.com

Top 10 C# Developer Books for Summer 2019
claudiobernasconi.ch · Jun 12, 2019

A compilation of the best C# Developer Books to read in 2019 to improve your knowledge, and advance in your career.

Asynchronous Programming
A Practical Example Of Asynchronous Programming in C# and ASP.NET
exceptionnotfound.net · May 25, 2019

Let's take an existing synchronous ASP.NET web app and begin refactoring it to use asynchronous programming. Sample C# project included.